Henri’s Portfolio

Henri’s Portfolio


I built a series of different search engines where I learnt the importance of semantics, data structures and algorithms for fast queries. Then I realised that everything is a bit like a search, an adventure.

Customise hand movements for UX or share a feeling with a smile, to be located on a map. Or extract features from a flashlight, mapping queries and their reduction are core of different MapReduce algorithms even over different media. I am fascinated by applications where technologies, such as Apache Hadoop, Hive, for structured medium, and Pig, for unstructured medium, are used to analyse bigdata.

In my master thesis, I developed things further on algebraic structures. We took an unconventional approach with percolation theory on such structures and I learnt a lot about computational algebra and different models for structured and unstructured media.

Combine the thorough structure analysis with machine learning techniques and you have a pure fascination at your hands.

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